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United Nations Compensation Commission Claims
United Nations Compensation Commission Claims

Instructed by the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) to report on sovereign claims arising from the first Gulf War. RGL investigated claims presented on behalf of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and reported to the UNCC Tribunal.

  • Insurance / Quantification
  • Financial Lines / Political Risk
  • Saudi Arabia
iStock 2991072 Code and key Cryptolocker
Law Firm Suffers Cryptolocker Attack

A US law firm suffered a cryptolocker attack, preventing access to servers and requiring a manual reinstatement from back-up files. A claim for loss of income was presented based on lost hours. RGL ascertained that lost hours were subsequently made-up by salaried employees working extra hours, all deadlines were met and no new instructions had been lost. While personal cost of working extra hours was acknowledged, no overtime was paid meaning no additional cost was incurred. The claim was subsequently withdrawn.

  • Insurance / Quantification
  • Business & Professional Services
  • Cyber Consulting / Liability / Casualty
FTech Recovery

An international law firm instructed RGL to review a claim for reconstruction costs after a turbine fire at a South African power station. Initial claim data disclosed was compiled manually and deemed unreliable. Working in South Africa with the station’s IT staff, our Forensic Technology team obtained the necessary data from SAP accounts systems to reconcile the original claim presented. A revised claim schedule was submitted and successfully used by the claimant’s and defendant’s experts.

  • Insurance / Quantification / Investigation
  • Energy, Mining & Utilities
  • Cyber Consulting / Forensic Investigation / Property / Forensic Technology
  • South Africa
Hydroelectric Interdependency

Quantified complex losses when damage to one of three penstocks at a riverside hydroelectric power plant resulted in a claim. The repair work required draining the primary reservoir on the river system, affecting both the damaged hydro-plant and smaller generation facilities downstream on the river system. Our analysis focused on rainfall and expected generation at all power plants on the river, the effects of interdependency of the system, expected sales price and price differential.

  • Insurance / Quantification
  • Property / Business Interruption
  • Spain
forged credit cards
Losses From Forged Credit Cards

A bank in Saudi Arabia claimed costs incurred through transactions made on lost, stolen and forged credit cards. The claim review was to ensure that losses had arisen and were in compliance with VISA and MasterCard regulations. 

  • Insurance / Quantification / Investigation
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Financial Lines / Crime & Fidelity
  • Saudi Arabia
Claim Under Exclusivity Agreement

A power purchaser in Southern Africa claimed the national electricity generator was selling power directly in breach of an alleged exclusivity agreement. The lost profits claim covered the 30-year life of the smelter. An alternative claim was also filed based on Wrotham Park Estate Co Ltd v Parkside Homes Ltd (1973) 229EG617. The claims were analysed and assumptions challenged. Provided input into the respondent’s submissions and gave evidence in the arbitration hearing in Southern Africa.

  • Legal / Quantification
  • Disputes / Arbitration
  • Zambia
Data Capture for Government Investigations

On numerous occasions, RGL assisted a government agency undertake data capture from various sites throughout the UK. This included evidence captured on-site from both live and switched-off computer systems and imaging pre-seized computer systems in our secure lab; keyword searches across disk images; and extraction and indexing of application- and web-based email for agency review.

  • Insurance / Investigation
  • Government / Public Services
  • Corporate consulting / Cyber Consulting / Forensic Investigation / Forensic Technology
  • United Kingdom
Power Station Construction Delay

A delayed start up claim in excess of $20 million occurred at a power station construction project. Evaluation of the claim required a detailed understanding of the power market and market considerations during the loss and at final completion.

  • Insurance / Quantification
  • Property
  • United Kingdom
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